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If you have followed along with us until this point, I guess you want to start working on your curated and functional wardrobe.  Our aim is not to judge you and give you all the answers, but we want to give you some elements/tools to start the process. Yes, it is a process.  It will involve experimenting with different pieces and outfits, and identifying what makes you feel confident and comfortable with clothes and accessories that enhance your natural beauty. You will need lots of patience and practice and you need to invest some time and money. At the end of this blog, you will have a better idea of your personal fashion style and some information to start working on it as the first step of the process to have the wardrobe you dream about.

 What is a personal fashion style? It refers to an individual's unique and distinctive way of expressing themselves through clothing and accessories. It is based on your appearance: your natural features (body and face). But it is also based on your taste and personal preferences.

Why is so important to determine your personal fashion style?

  1. Self- Expression: Fashion is a powerful form of self-expression. Developing your personal fashion style allows you to showcase your individuality, personality, and unique tastes to the world. It helps you communicate who you are without having to say a word; making a visual statement that reflects your identity and values.
  2. Confidence and empowerment: When you dress in a way that aligns with your personal style and makes you feel comfortable and confident, it can have a significant impact on your self-esteem and overall well-being.
  3. Time and money-saving: Understanding your personal fashion style helps you make more informed and intentional purchasing decisions.
  4. Personal branding: In professional settings, your personal fashion style can contribute to your personal branding. It can help you make a memorable impression, convey professionalism, and align with the industry or role you're in.

Discovering and refining your personal fashion style can be a creative and enjoyable process involving elements such as clothing choices, silhouettes, colors, patterns, textures, and the way garments are worn or combined.

Personal fashion style quiz.

We have created a quiz that will help you explore and define your personal fashion style.

In this quiz, we'll be diving into various aspects of your figure and personal style, from preferred silhouettes and color palettes to accessory choices and outfit preferences. Remember, this quiz is meant to be a fun and insightful exercise, helping you uncover your style preferences and offering inspiration for your future fashion endeavors.

There are no right or wrong answers. While answering the questions, think of what you truly believe looks good on you. Don’t think of someone you would like to look like. Focus on you. So, be honest with yourself, and embrace the opportunity to explore your fashion identity.

By the end of the questionnaire, you will have your dominant fashion style – most women have a combination of them - and some guidelines for each style to choose the right type of clothes and accessories.

While conducting the test with a group of friends and acquaintances, we received some questions from them. To ensure a better understanding, we would like to provide you with a few helpful tips and clarifications that we shared with them prior to the test.

  • Your size is inconsequential. We all experience changes and phases in our lives that can lead to fluctuations in our bodies, but the type of body we inquire about remains unaffected by weight. It remains consistent regardless of any physical changes or weight variations.
  • Your height is likewise irrelevant. Certain body types may create the illusion of height variation. For instance, having a smaller head - in proportion to the rest of your body - and wider shoulders can give the impression of being taller, whereas having a big head and narrower shoulders may have the opposite effect.
  • If not all the characteristics provided in each option of the question No 1 perfectly align with your own body type, please select the option that best represents your appearance or comes closest to it.
  • If you have a classic fashion style, for instance, it doesn't mean you have to dress like you're going to the office every day. Your style can be adaptable to the season, activity, occasion, and more. Embrace the versatility of your style and explore different ways to express it based on the context. Whether it's a casual outing, a special event, or a change in weather, allow your style to shine through while incorporating elements that suit the occasion.

Let’s start!

1. What type of body do you have?
    a) Long (you look taller than you are) and rounded (softly defined waist, breast more prominent than waist, prominent hipline).
    Long and rounded body figure
    b) Not curvy, not straight (slightly smaller waist, breasts are neither full nor flat, hips are neither straight nor very round).
    Not curvy, not straight body figure
    c) Long (you look taller than you are) and straight (undefined waist, small to average breast, narrow and straight hips).
    Long and straight body figure
    d) Petite (you look smaller than you are) and straight (undefined waist, small to average breast, narrow and straight hips).
    Petite and straight body figure
    e) Long (you look taller than you are), straight and broader (undefined waist, hips are either narrower than shoulders or same width, wide shoulders).
    Long, straight and broader body figure
    f) Hourglass (breasts are full and rounded, very prominent hipline).
    Hourglass body figure
    2. How would your friends describe you?
    a) Exotic
    b) Traditional and reserved/proper
    c) Powerful, strong (striking)
    d) Playful, lively
    e) Relaxed, informal
    f) Sexy, alluring
    g) I’m not sure


    3. Which fit flatters you best?
    a) Loose
    b) Slightly fitted or semi-fitted
    c) Straight
    d) Straight and cropped
    e) Relaxed, oversized
    f) Fitted
    g) I’m not sure


    4. What are the most common colors you are attracted to?
    a) Metallic blue, purple, green
    b) Neutrals (beige, gray, navy)
    c) Dark and bright
    d) Bright
    e) Earth tones (green, brown, blue)
    f) Red, pink, black
    g) I’m not sure


    5. What type of accessories are predominant in your wardrobe?
    a) Long and shapeless
    b) Fine, simple and small
    c) Chunky and geometric
    d) Small and geometric
    e) Layered made of natural materials
    f) Small and rounded
    g) I’m not sure


    6. What are you favorite patterns or prints?
    a) Abstract
    b) Simple patterns (small dots, navy stripes)
    c) Geometric and animal print
    d) Geometric (lumberjack, thin stripes)
    e) Wild and irregular (tribal, bohemian)
    f) Floral patterns
    g) I’m not sure


    7. What type of pants do you prefer?
    a) Wide leg, flared, palazzo
    b) Slim-fit, skinny
    c) Straight, bootcut
    d) Skinny and cropped
    e) Cargo pants, straight
    f) Skinny
    g) I’m not sure


    8. What silhouette of dress do you like to wear?
    a) Long blouson
    b) Sheath, tailored
    c) Straight, long, asymmetrical
    d) Shift, A-line
    e) Maxi relaxed
    f) Bodycon, Slip
    g) I’m not sure


    9. Talking about bottoms (pants, skirts, dresses), what length flatters you best?
    a) Full length, maxi designs (flowing)
    b) Moderate length (tailored)
    c) Long (straight)
    d) Short (straight)
    e) Long (relaxed or oversized)
    f) Moderate (fitted or tapered)
    g) I’m not sure


    10. For a weekend, what would be your preferred outfit?
    a) Blouson dress and gladiator sandals
    b) Crew neck sweater, skinny pants and ballerinas
    c) Bootcut pants, halter neck top and oxford shoes
    d) Denim short, cropped-bright top and canvas sneakers
    e) Relaxed linen dress and flat mules or sneakers
    f) Laced top, skinny pants and pumps
    g) I’m not sure



    If your answers were mostly:

    a) Your style is mysterious, sleek. Famous person with the same style Jourdan Dunn.

    Jourdan Dunne Angelical Fashion Style

    Some suggestions for your style. Opt for long and flowing clothing crafted from lightweight fabrics. Choose solid colors, prioritizing simplicity over intricate prints and patterns. Embrace wide-leg trousers, palazzo pants, or flared bottoms for a flattering and elongating effect. Enhance your ensemble with maxi skirts featuring ruffles or pleats. Consider full-length dresses or jumpsuits to embody elegance and effortless charm. Complete your outfit with long accessories that complement the overall length and flow of your attire.

    b) Your style is elegant, formal. Famous person with the same style Kate Middleton.

    Kate Middleton Classic Style

    Some suggestions for your style. Opt for semi-fitted garments with a moderate length, crafted from high-quality fabrics. Choose classic, timeless designs that exude sophistication and versatility. Embrace simplicity and opt for plain styles that can effortlessly transition between various occasions. Prioritize neutral colors, favoring their timeless appeal over bold prints and patterns. For bottoms, consider skinny or slim-fit pants that provide a sleek silhouette or opt for pencil or flared skirts to enhance your feminine charm. When it comes to dresses or jumpsuits, go for tailored and formal options. Complete your ensemble with understated accessories, allowing them to complement your overall look without overpowering it.

    c) Your style is bold, striking. Famous person with the same style Charlize Theron.

    Charlize Theron Dramatic Style

    Some suggestions for your style. Opt for long and straight silhouettes that create a sleek and modern look. Choose garments made of thick and structured fabrics to add substance and structure to your outfit. Embrace asymmetric designs to add a touch of edginess and visual interest to your style. Dark and bright colors to make a bold statement are preferable, prioritizing solid shades over intricate prints and patterns. When it comes to bottoms, opt for full-length, straight-cut pants or skirts to maintain the clean lines of your silhouette. Consider full-length, asymmetrical, straight dresses or jumpsuits for a unique and avant-garde look. Complete your ensemble with chunky and geometric accessories that add a contemporary flair to your overall appearance.

    d) Your style is creative, playful, fun. Famous person with the same style Emma Watson.

    Emma Watson Gamine Style

    Some suggestions for your style. Search for cropped and straight-cut clothing crafted from thick and textured fabrics to add a bold and rugged touch to your style. Explore designs with elaborate details, such as intricate stitching, embellishments, or unique textures, to make a statement. Embrace bright and contrasting colors, prints, and patterns to create eye-catching looks that showcase your individuality. Opt for cropped, straight, and fitted pants to highlight your silhouette. Experiment with shorts and miniskirts for a playful and energetic vibe. Consider short, fitted, or straight dresses and jumpsuits for a chic and daring look. Complete your outfit with small, geometric accessories that add a touch of modernity and complement the overall aesthetic.

    e) Your style is relaxed, casual, sporty. Famous person with the same style Gigi Hadid.

    Gigi Hadig relaxed style

    Some suggestions for your style. Seek out long, relaxed, and oversized garments crafted from heavy fabrics that provide warmth and comfort without being stiff. Embrace unstructured designs that allow for freedom of movement and effortless style. Prioritize earthy colors to create a grounded and natural look, favoring solid tones over busy prints and patterns. Opt for full-length, relaxed pants for a laid-back and relaxed aesthetic. Explore maxi or midi skirts with flowing silhouettes to add a touch of elegance and grace. Consider long and oversized dresses or jumpsuits for an effortlessly chic ensemble. Complete your outfit with accessories made of natural materials, such as wood or woven fibers, to enhance the organic and earthy feel of your overall look.

    f) Your style is sensual. Famous person with the same style Sofia Vergara. Sofia Vergara Romantic Style

    Some suggestions for your style. Explore fitted, draped, or ruched clothing made of lightweight and soft fabrics for a comfortable and flattering fit. Look for designs that incorporate figure draping to enhance your silhouette. Embrace a color palette that includes pink, red, and black to add a touch of boldness and sophistication. Incorporate floral prints and patterns to bring a feminine and romantic vibe to your outfits. Opt for fitted pants or consider tapered or flowing skirts for a versatile and elegant look. Choose fitted dresses or jumpsuits that flatter your figure and exude confidence. Complete your ensemble with rounded accessories to add a touch of softness and harmony to your overall appearance.

    Get ready to unleash your style potential! After discovering your personal fashion style through the quiz, it's time to take it a step further and invite you to try out the suggested silhouettes, fabrics, patterns, and more. Let's embark on a creative fashion adventure and see what magic unfolds!

    1. Mix and Match: Experiment with combining different silhouettes according to your style/styles. You may be surprised.
    2. Fabric Finesse: Embrace the suggested fabrics that align with your style. Let the fabric choices enhance the overall aesthetic you're aiming for.
    3. Pattern Play: Dive into the world of patterns and prints that resonate with your personal style. Whether it's stripes, florals, polka dots, or bold geometric designs, incorporate them into your outfits and see how you feel.
    4. Accessory Adventure: Accessories are an opportunity to personalize your outfits further.
    5. Colorful Creativity: Colors can have a profound impact on your fashion choices. Embrace the suggested tones or try introducing new shades that complement your style.

    We are excited to continue this journey. Please share your thoughts in the comments below. I you need help with the quiz or have any questions, contact us at Subscribe here to stay updated with our monthly newsletter.

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